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“The column doctor” at Buro 24/7 lead experts from the medical center of Rosh, LUBOV Khachatryan, Doctor of Medical Sciences International Academy of Science, doctor, dermatologist, cosmetologist, physician and specialist in invasive procedures and Shirin Inna, researcher at the Department of Dermatology and RMAPO doctor-dermatologist. Today’s article is devoted to laser hair removal.

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“In anticipation of the summer season to remove unwanted hair topic is discussed everywhere. I can not help but note that there are many misconceptions and fears regarding this area. Especially when it comes to laser hair removal. Therefore, today I want to talk about this method of hair removal specialist position. to explain how it works. Why this should not be afraid. How to do so as not to hurt yourself.

To begin with once and for all define some terminology. Depilation – the removal of the visible part of the hair, usually with a razor or cream. About all the inconveniences of these methods will not even talk, every girl at least once in his life faced with this. But when we talk about hair removal, we have the view of the removal of the hair system. That is, once and for all.

Before moving on to the story of the modern state of affairs (and just about laser hair removal), a little deeper into the story. Removal of hair from the body of a woman engaged in since time immemorial: in ancient Egypt were actively used wax and clay, in the East – the special thread. In the 16th century AD, already appeared the first razor, and after another 300 years – razors. It must be said that in the modern sense of hair removal with wax, clay or sugar is not epilation. Because the device is not removed the hair and only bulb. As a result, the hair begins to grow again soon.

In the second half of the XX century began to develop technologies to radically fight scalp. It appears electrolysis. Initially, the method of destruction of the hair follicle with an electric current was applied in ophthalmology in the late XIX century to remove ingrown eyelashes, but as a tool for hair removal on other parts of the body began to be widely used only in the 70s of the last century. In particular, and in the Soviet Union. The method has a right to exist, but it has huge drawbacks: burns, pain, scarring is a high probability and low speed – about 40 minutes per square centimeter. This method is appropriate only in the case of the removal of gray and devoid of hair pigment. For me, as a professional, it is surprising that this method is still very popular among girls. Especially after a widely spread laser.

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The next stage of development has been the emergence of light hair removal methods – photographic and laser. They are similar in principle impact on hair follicle. The fact that all the hair, even the light has a pigment (melanin). The light energy is absorbed by this pigment. As a result of conversion of energy into heat, the follicle is destroyed, and the hair just stops growing.

I would really like you to understand that there is a fundamental difference between laser and photoepilation. If you go for photoepilation, you run the risk of pigmentation and burns (up to third degree). It contains not only the melanin in the hair, but also in the skin. It also absorbs the energy. Hence burns. In addition, when the amount of hair removal procedures will be much more – in order to avoid adverse effects on the skin, the equipment produced significantly less power. In simple Russian language, it is “the last century”.

Of course, the most advanced and safe technology today is laser hair removal. By studying this issue a few years ago, we LUBOV whole year went by the US, Israel, Germany, France and Switzerland. We visited all of the instrument manufacturer for laser hair removal, participated in international conferences on laser therapy, have visited a large number of laboratories, talked with the chief doctors of leading clinics in these countries. The main question we asked them was: what equipment is most effective and safe today? Absolutely all the experts in one voice replied that this laser, in particular, the equipment of the American company Palomar. But more on that later.

Of course, you realize that the market there is a huge variety of laser equipment. Patients have a large number of options, there are plenty to choose from. But we must be aware: there is his “Lada” in the world of medical equipment, and has a “Mercedes”. There are cheaper and primitive machines are designed to work in salons. They do not require the operator of a special medical education. And there is a high level of equipment, work on which is not enough to finish medical school. The manufacturer requires that the doctor had a degree, work experience, took a course to operate the equipment manufacturer.

Today in Russian clinics widely used a number of different laser technologies, the result of which is more or less the same. Technical features of each type of laser will not paint, it is a separate big topic. I confine myself to transfer models of the appliance best in its class. Let’s start with the gas laser. Here, as the active medium used substance in the gaseous state. One of the most advanced to date devices – is CO2 Ultrapulse from the company Lumenis. Solid-state lasers operating at different glasses and crystals. In their design for medical purposes, the company has succeeded the Palomar, which produces such popular models as the Lux Lux 1540 and 1064. Dye lasers differ ultrashort pulses. They produce an American company Candela Corporation. The most popular model Vbeam.

Let’s talk about who is the leader in the field of laser technology – the company the Palomar, which was established in 1991 in the United States, our former compatriot. During the 20s scientists and engineers managed to achieve incredible results. Without exaggeration, this is the safest equipment on the market. Suffice it to say that the laser emitters Palomar – the only in the world of cell phones that are certified to work with newborns.

Their latest development, which is worth looking in more detail – diode lasers. Today Palomar produces machine, dubbed Vectus. Technology is indeed a new, currently in Russia there are only two such cars – in Moscow and the North Caucasus. But I am sure that already next autumn vectus-hair removal will make a real splash in the market, the queue will be built on these procedures. Why? There are several reasons:

- More powerful momentum. It allows you to reduce the number of procedures necessary for a complete get rid of unwanted hair.

- Fully prevent danger of burning. Special built Skintel sensor reads the amount of melanin in the skin of the patient, density, frequency and thickness of hair, based on the received data automatically sets the required power.

- Reduction of pain. Thick 6-inch sapphire effectively cools the skin and significantly reduces the discomfort.

- The speed of the procedure. Epilation legs and bikini area takes only 15 minutes. And this is not advertising, it is a real number. And, significantly overestimated: the manufacturer indicates and even less – 5 minutes.

I think the following is enough to make predictions about the popularity of this technology fast.


However, despite all this people continue to be afraid of laser, wax torture themselves and even electroepilation. Many people believe that laser hair removal is contraindicated during puberty, during menstruation, before the first delivery, after menopause, etc. This is nothing more than a delusion. If the procedure is performed on the first-rate equipment, all of the above is not an obstacle. But what really is contraindicated since this pregnancy and lactation, cancer and HIV.

And let’s face it. Hair removal – a painful procedure. As a practitioner, I can recommend one method of reducing the discomfort – a local anesthetic. In any drugstore it is now possible to buy a cream “Emla” (Emla). It is an anesthetic drug used by dermatologists and surgeons. But there is one little secret that I want to share if to roll up the skin with plastic wrap after applying the cream, then in the process of hair removal you will not feel anything.





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